Hand saw sharpening service near me

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Hand saw sharpening service near me

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hand saw sharpening service near me

We are the only shop to offer the SuperSharp premium blade sharpening process that last longer, cuts better and saves wear and tear, extending your tool's total service life. When you consider the equipment investment you've already made, ensuring you have the best quality sharpening service has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Rely on our high degree of expertise to maintain the quality, finish and long-lasting nature of your specialized blades. It takes a high degree of expertise to maintain the quality, finish and long-lasting nature of your specialized blades. At Burns, our sharpening experts have been providing exceptional cutting edges since We use very fine grit diamond wheels for highly precise sharpening. The results? Better blade performance that produces a smooth finish without chipping.

And our state-of-the-art automatic carbide grinders for carbide tooth saw blades turn out a perfect edge every time. After every blade is sharpened, it must pass our rigorous five-point inspection before we dip it in protective coating and return it to you. So when your business depends on precision cutting, depend on the craftsmen at Burns to keep it that way. Send us your blades for sharpening, and if you don't agree it's the best, we'll fix it!

Test your newly sharpened blade as soon as you receive it, and if you're not happy with the result, return it right away with a sample cut of material and we'll re-sharpen it to your satisfaction at no charge. And we'll credit you for the original sharpening. I haven't used all of them of course, but the two that I did were sharper than anything that I've ever used. I went through some significant hardwood like a hot knife through butter sorry for the cliche, but I couldn't think of any that would better describe how smooth the cuts were.

Should I have surgery in the near future, I hope your company is the one that sharpens the blades. I also appreciate the service - your verbal and written communication with me, and I especially like being able to track the shipment after you sent it out.

You can use me as a testimonial for your skill and service. I've already got some more blades set aside to send your way. Thanks again. Jim Larson Hinckley, Ohio. I've tried to utilize our local businesses to do the sharpening but they somehow not able to do the job right. Thank you for a job well done. Being in the plastics industry we need a perfect cut, and Burns' saw blade sharpening gets us the quality of cut that we require. When we upgraded our saw blades our previous service could not achieve an acceptable result.

We went hunting and found Burns Tools. The router bits even cut better than new after their sharpening! I highly recommend Burns' sharpening service. I highly recommend Burns Tools. I sent in one blade for trial and I am floored. I heard that I should expect the sharpened blade to be sharper than the original, but WOW, I can't believe how effortless it is to cut now.

I have never experienced such a sharp and easy cut. I will definitely be sending more blades in for sharpening". David Sudano Woodworker, Slidell, Louisiana. SuperSharp gives my blades a longer lifespan.Our greatest asset when it comes to tool sharpening and repair is our experience. Additionally, we have invested millions of dollars in continually acquiring, upgrading and maintaining our advanced grinding, measuring and testing equipment ensuring precision accuracy and repeatability.

The combination of skilled craftsmanship developed over decades of experience, generations of passed down knowledge and the most technologically advanced CNC equipment results in exceptional quality and capabilities. We guarantee a longer service life between re-sharpening allows for fewer tool changes, less machine down time and increased productivity for our customers.

Through high volumes and automated machinery our efficiency allows us to offer a superior quality sharpening service at prices below industry averages. We sharpen all types of steel, carbide, and diamond tipped tooling for wood, plastic, and metal cutting. We encourage you send in your items through UPS, Fedex or the United States Postal Service to take advantage of our premium quality sharpening service. You will be surprised to find that even with shipping costs we are often still less expensive than your local sharpening service.

All you have to do is carefully package up your items, include a packing list with your name, telephone number and return address and we will call you for a credit card payment when we are ready to ship your items back to you.

We offer a reliable pickup and delivery service in areas of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey — If you would like to see a sales person about getting on a sales route please contact us here — info ctsaw. We have partnered with hardware stores and lumber yards to allow for a convenient drop off point for all your tool sharpening needs. Pricing and payment is handled by the partner location. If you would like a price list emailed to you please contact us.

Phone: Sharpening Services. See below for the many options available. Mail In Sharpening Services. Pick Up and Delivery. For Businesses Only We offer a reliable pickup and delivery service in areas of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey — If you would like to see a sales person about getting on a sales route please contact us here — info ctsaw.

Drop Off Service at Partner Locations.If unsure send it to us, we will work it out with any extra grinding as required and bill you by email. Planer Blades. Adjustable groover. Dado sets. Grooving Profile Cutters. TCT mini groovers. Router cutters. Hinge hole cutters.

hand saw sharpening service near me

Forstner bits. Auger bits. Mortice chisels. Mortice bits. Masonary Drills. Core Drills. Chainsaw Chains. Add vat to all items unless marked Vat included. Garden Tools Sharpening vat included. Note - industrial may be charged more Add vat to all items unless marked Vat included. If you are unsure of the cost leave it all to us and we will send you an e-bill on completion.

Post Charges Please use these Post office charges as a guide we will return at cost whenever possible using Royal Mail or Parcelforce Over this size and weight add the postage to your total order from the tables below.

If you require urgent delivery or higher compensation in case of loss please consider Special Delivery Prices. By 1pm next day except Sat.

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Pack securely and please ensure tips do not pierce the packing and items do not move inside the packing. Total satisfaction without question. However if your saws and tools are in a very poor condition we may have to charge extra after a call to you first or return them to you without charge having done the best we can minus a postage charge at cost.

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Place your Saw and Tool Sharpening request : Your order description : Choose your items from the pricelist above.When we say, "Yeah, we can sharpen that" we mean it. Our sharpening experts are trained and experienced in restoring your dull tools back to their former glory.

Our goal is to make sharpening your tools as easy as possible so you can get back to the work you love. Home About Contact Cart. Toggle navigation. Sharp Blades A luxury you can afford. Don't be Dull! Have your blades sharpened and get back to the work you love.

Clothing Sharpening Services 1. Pinking Shears Sharpening. Defense Sharpening Services 0. Household Sharpening Services 1. Household Shears Sharpening.

Paper Sharpening Services 3.

Sharpening Blades, Knives, Saws, Drills, Shears, and More

Turf Sharpening Services 7. Arborist Sharpening Services 7. Construction Sharpening Services Electrical Sharpening Services 0. Industrial Sharpening Services 2.


Salon Sharpening Services 0. Butcher Sharpening Services 5. Culinary Sharpening Services 6. Forestry Sharpening Services 8. Other Sharpening Services 3. Sports Sharpening Services 4. Cloth Cutting Tools Sharpening 1. Food Processing Tools Sharpening Ice Processing Tools Sharpening 4. Plastic Processing Tools Sharpening 1.Have you sharpened your tools, lawn mower blades, or saws recently?

Did you know that maintaining a sharpened blade on your tools not only increases the efficiency but also the life of your tool? You should have your knives, tools, and blades sharpened at least once a year. Our team offers fast, quality sharpening service, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Great customer service is our number one goal.

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Learn more about our sharpening service here or give us a call today at We specialize in sharpening almost anything with a blade on it. Let us help you keep your knives and tools maintained and operating at peak efficiency.

Mail it in! If you can't make it to one of our drop-off locations or if you are not located in the Rochester NY area, use our online mail in service.

Your One Stop Shop for Sharpening

You mail it in, and we will send it back when it is done. Need it Fixed Got a piece of equipment that needs a fix? Does your saw blade that needs a new tooth? We can do that! Call for a quote today!

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Have you sharpened your lawnmower blades recently? Sharp blades keep your grass looking great. We sharpen gas, electric, and reel mower blades. Here at Rochester Sharpening we handle all kinds of sawblades and wood cutting tools.

hand saw sharpening service near me

We sharpen and repair most saw blades, including tooth replacement on carbide blades. Whether it's a pair of pruning shears or a gas powered hedge trimmer we sharpen it all.

Got a question? Let us know, we are here to help. Fast Service We specialize in sharpening almost anything with a blade on it.We strive to be your first choice, every time, when you need your tools sharpened. We know that great service with a swift turnaround are expected and we top it off with an excellent edge.

We look forward to serving you for years to come. A sharp tool provides for more accurate cuts, less wear and tear on the motor or youand the cutting is also safer with a sharp blade. Shipping sharp objects isn't quite like shipping a tennis ball, but following these simple steps will make it a relatively easy process.

Click here for a PDF with shipping information and a packing label you can print and tape on your box. Just clearly write the following ship to address on your box a big black permanent marker works great :. Home About Contact Cart. Toggle navigation. Hand Saw Sharpening. Add to cart. What to Expect Reasons to Sharpen Packaging for Shipping We strive to be your first choice, every time, when you need your tools sharpened. Have a Printer? Click here for a PDF with shipping information and a packing label you can print and tape on your box Don't have a Printer?

None running right now but check back often!Please fill out the form below. Call Us! Business pick up and delivery in the Phoenix metro area. Out of state shipping available.

Valley Saw Service has provided quality saw sharpening services to the Greater Phoenix area since Over the last 40 years, we have proven our commitment to our customers by only using the latest technology in our work. In addition to sharpening saws, we also repair and create custom tooling for the wood working, metal workingand construction industries.

Whether you're a hobbyist, a contractor, or a large corporation, we can provide you with the blade you need, no matter your purpose or machine. Committed to Quality We at Valley Saw Service are dedicated to staying current with the changing technology in the industry.

hand saw sharpening service near me

As cutting tools and machinery have advanced over the years, we have continued to update our inventory. In the past 3 years alone, we have acquired 3 state-of-the-art automatic saw sharpeners. We stock and sell only top quality products, including saw blades, router bits, cold saws, band saws, and more. We have the experience necessary to guide our customers toward the products they need, all while saving them both time and money.

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We stand proudly behind our work and all the products we sell. Call today! Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Oops, there was an error sending your message. Please try again later. Images provided on this website are for personal, non-commercial use. Republication, retransmission, or reproduction of such images is strictly prohibited.


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